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Homeowners looking to sell in our unique markets can benefit greatly from professional guidance from experienced real estate brokers as we play a crucial role in facilitating the selling process and ensuring a smooth transaction. It is also essential to understand the local market dynamics, especially when it comes to neighborhood nuances affecting values.

Home sellers in Marin and San Francisco should be aware of common pitfalls to avoid when listing their properties to ensure a successful transaction. For instance, the timing of listing your house can significantly impact its selling price and time on the market. Also, understanding the legal requirements and local customs for selling a house or condo is essential to avoid any complications during the process.


Real Estate Home Values Are Always Changing.  What’s Your Home Worth Today?



Preparing your home for sale involves many detailed steps, starting with decluttering and pre-market conditioning of the home.  We discuss the paint, floors and any notable structural or system deficiencies that need to be updated. Together we create a plan that fits within a determined budget.

Once repairs are completed, we set the stage for a great marketing campaign with professional staging.  Staging helps with creating exceptional images, but also allows buyers to really take time and enjoy the property. It helps create a sense of space and a life that is easily envisioned by the buyers. If the budget is thin, then we will discuss Virtual Staging.

Professional photographs are always needed for the exceptional homes on Marin County and San Francisco. Photoshoots are set to maximize the natural lighting within the property and out. We also use drones to cover video and photography which creates stunning marketing imagery.


Beating the competition in Digital Marketing

The listing price on the home might not determine the overall value of a home, that is often determined by what a buyer is willing to pay for it.  So, in knowing this, we want to price the home effectively to both attract buyers as well as create value in the eyes of a buyer. We want to show more value compared to the competition.

Effective marketing strategies can significantly impact the sale of a house in San Francisco and in Marin County especially. We want to highlight the home’s unique features, those areas that make the property really stand out.

We create more traditional marketing materials such as the MLS listing, flyers, postcards, QR codes. However, to really push the property to the masses, the most effective way to bring attention to your home is through paid social media. Not just social posts, we pay for advertising to promote your property onto different platforms and drive eyeballs to your home.


Selling experience saves you time

Selling your home effectively takes skills, negotiating offers requires expertise, especially in our competitive markets.  My team and I work hard for our clients to maximize the value of their homes in San Francisco and in Marin, we do this every day.

Our collective real estate experience, our unique digital marketing campaigns, and winning sales strategies will help you sell efficiently, reducing the average days on the market and getting you the results you are looking for.

Exceptional Service is Always My #1 Goal

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