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Sorich Park and Sequoia Park

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Welcome to the Sorich Park and Sequoia Park neighborhoods, two vibrant neighborhoods conveniently located in the city of San Anselmo, California. These communities offer a unique blend of history, nature, and modern living. As a seasoned real estate broker with extensive knowledge of Marin County, I'm excited to introduce you to these enchanting neighborhoods, and provide you with insights into their geographical location, rich history, amenities, and real estate market trends.



Geographic Location

Sorich Park and Sequoia Park are located in the picturesque town of San Anselmo, which is situated in Marin County, California. This charming areas is ideally positioned in the heart of Marin County, making it easily accessible to all the attractions and amenities the county has to offer. Both neighborhoods are essentially just off the main thoroughfare to San Anselmo, Fairfax but also the back way into San Rafael. Making it a good location to access all three areas.


Set among the rolling hills and lush forests of Northern California, San Anselmo enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The town's location provides residents with stunning natural beauty, including easy access to nearby Mount Tamalpais State Park, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. From these neighborhoods, residents can easily explore Marin County's hiking and biking trails, take in the breathtaking views of the Bay Area, and enjoy the countless recreational opportunities the region has to offer.



Local History

To understand Sorich Park and Sequoia Park, it's essential to explore their historical roots. San Anselmo itself has a rich history dating back to the 19th century when it was originally known as "Junction." The town was a hub for the North Pacific Coast Railroad, which brought new opportunities and settlers to the area. The name was changed to San Anselmo in 1883, and the town continued to grow, eventually becoming the charming community it is today.


In the early 20th century, the neighborhoods of Sorich Park and Sequoia Park began to take shape. These areas were developed in response to the increased demand for housing in the region, as more people discovered the beauty and tranquility of San Anselmo. Over the years, both neighborhoods have evolved while retaining their original character, offering a unique blend of history and contemporary living.



Local Shopping and Dining

One of the highlights of living in Sorich Park and Sequoia Park is the convenience of local shopping and dining. While these neighborhoods are known for their serene residential streets, you're never far from vibrant commercial areas where you can find everything you need.


In Sorich Park, you'll discover a small cluster of local shops and services in the Redhill Shopping Center. It's a place where neighbors often come together, whether it's for coffee at a cozy café or to peruse the charming boutiques. If you're a food enthusiast, you'll find delightful options for dining in the area, from family-owned restaurants offering delicious homemade meals to eateries specializing in international cuisine.


Sequoia Park also has its share of local shopping and grocery,  additionally, residents can enjoy easy access to larger shopping centers in nearby areas, ensuring that everyday necessities are never far from home.



Outdoor Activities

The appeal of Sorich Park and Sequoia Park extends well beyond their charming streets and local amenities. These neighborhoods are perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. San Anselmo Creek and Sorich Park offer residents an opportunity to escape into the serene natural surroundings.


Sorich Park, in particular, boasts its own namesake park that features a playground for children, a picnic area, and winding trails. It's a popular spot for residents to gather for a family outing, a leisurely stroll, or to simply unwind after a long day.  For those who prefer more adventurous outdoor activities, the Terra Linda – Sleep Hollow Divider Northern Preserve is just a short drive away, providing excellent hiking and biking opportunities amidst pristine wilderness.


The Sequoia Park area is close to Red Hill, ideal for enjoying the sunny Marin County weather for a quick out.  Residents can take a scenic hike through the redwoods, play tennis or basketball at nearby facilities, or have a leisurely picnic with family and friends. There's no shortage of green spaces to enjoy, making it an ideal place for active outdoor lifestyles.




San Anselmo offers a range of entertainment options for residents of Sorich Park and Sequoia Park. While these neighborhoods are known for their peaceful ambiance, they are within a short drive of the bustling downtown areas of San Anselmo, Fairfax and San Rafael, where you can find various cultural and entertainment experiences.


From boutique shopping  to live music venues, San Anselmo offers diverse cultural experiences for residents and visitors alike. The town's charming streets often host local events and festivals, showcasing the vibrant arts and culture scene. Additionally, the nearby town of Fairfax offers more options for entertainment, with its vibrant nightlife, restaurants, and live music venues.



School Information

Families in Sorich Park and Sequoia Park will find a range of educational opportunities for their children. San Anselmo is home to some highly regarded schools, making it an excellent choice for families seeking quality education. The Ross Valley School District and the San Rafael City Schools District serve the neighborhood, offering a range of educational options.


For higher education, the College of Marin is a convenient option, offering a wide range of courses and programs for those looking to further their education.



Real Estate in Sorich Park and Sequoia Park

Now, let's delve into the exciting real estate market in Sorich Park and Sequoia Park. These neighborhoods offer a wide variety of housing options, making it possible for individuals and families of all sizes to find their dream home.


Sorich Park features a mix of architectural styles, including charming cottages, traditional single-family homes, and some contemporary residences. These homes are well-maintained and often come with generous lot sizes, providing ample outdoor space for gardening, recreation, or simply enjoying the fresh Marin County air.


Sequoia Park, on the other hand, has its own unique character. The neighborhood boasts an array of architectural styles, including Mediterranean-inspired villas, craftsman bungalows, and mid-century modern gems. These homes often feature spacious yards, where you can create your own oasis of tranquility.


Home prices in both neighborhoods Sorich Park and Sequoia Park typically range from $1.2 million to $1.6 million, depending on the size, condition, and location of the property. This is typical of the areas as many of the homes are smaller in size and in room count. However every so often there is a larger home, often times renovated and expanded that sells for over $2M.



In Conclusion

Sorich Park and Sequoia Park in San Anselmo, California, offer a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and modern living. These neighborhoods provide residents with a serene, close-knit community, while still being conveniently located near all the amenities that Marin County has to offer. With a rich history, abundant outdoor activities, excellent schools, and diverse real estate options, these neighborhoods are the perfect place to call home. If you're considering making Sorich Park or Sequoia Park your new residence, don't hesitate to reach out to me for expert guidance and assistance in finding your dream home in these enchanting neighborhoods.


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