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Boyle Park / Scott Highland

Boyle Park / Scott Highlands: Mill Valley: Your Gateway to Northern California Living


Nestled within the enchanting hills and valleys of Marin County, the Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhoods in Mill Valley, California, stands as a beacon of serenity, blending the charm of Northern California with the allure of a tight-knit community. As a seasoned real estate broker, I am thrilled to introduce you to this captivating neighborhood that combines idyllic natural beauty with an array of amenities, educational opportunities, and a rich tapestry of real estate options. Let's embark on a journey to explore what makes the Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhoods an exceptional place to call home.




The Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhoods are ideally located in the heart of Mill Valley, a sought-after community in Marin County, just north of San Francisco.  Surrounded by redwood forests and rolling hills. The neighborhood is bordered by Redwood Creek to the south, Corte Madera Creek to the east, and Cascade Drive to the west. It is just a short drive from downtown Mill Valley, where residents can find a variety of shops, restaurants, and services.


This tranquil enclave offers an extraordinary blend of urban convenience and suburban charm, providing residents with quick access to the city while allowing them to escape to the peaceful haven of Marin County. Commuters and nature enthusiasts alike find Boyle Park / Scott Highlands location irresistible. For those working in San Francisco, the commute is a breeze, with the Golden Gate Bridge just a short drive away.



Local Shopping

The neighborhoods of Boyle Park / Scott Highlands proximity to downtown Mill Valley ensures residents have easy access to a vibrant shopping scene. Mill Valley's boutique shops, local markets, and unique stores offer an array of shopping experiences. Discover distinctive jewelry, clothing, home goods, and art galleries that reflect the creativity and individuality of this community. Whether you're strolling along Throckmorton Avenue or exploring the Mill Valley Lumber Yard, you'll find local shops that cater to all your needs.


Moreover, the nearby grocery stores, local shops and service providers are found along Miller Ave. and E. Blithedale, ensuring convenient stops on the way home from either main entrances into Mill Valley.



Outdoor Activities

Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhoods is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with its pristine natural surroundings and numerous recreational opportunities. The crown jewel of this neighborhood is Boyle Park itself, a verdant haven offering acres of open space. Take a leisurely walk on the winding paths, have a picnic in the lush grassy areas, or watch your kids play in the playground. The park is also equipped with tennis courts and a baseball field, perfect for sports aficionados.


For those who relish the call of the wild, Marin County's renowned hiking and biking trails are just minutes away. The nearby Camino Alto Open Space Preserve, Blithedale Summit Open Space Preserve offer breathtaking landscapes and numerous hiking and biking trails. Directly in the middle of these two open space preserves is the Mill Valley Golf Course, with a perfect 9-hole public course that you can walk on as well as play.


Marin County is known for its natural beauty, and the Boyle Park / Scott Highlands residents are perfectly positioned to explore it.  Richardson Bay, for instance, is ideal for water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. The famous Muir Woods National Monument is also very close, offering the chance to wander through ancient redwood forests. You have golf and tennis just down the way. The Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhoods have it all.




Boyle Park may be a serene residential haven, but that doesn't mean it lacks entertainment options very close by.  Mill Valley's thriving arts and music scene is an integral part of the local culture. The town's pulsating heart, the Throckmorton Theatre, hosts an array of performances, from stand-up comedy to live music and drama. The Sweetwater Music Hall is another beloved venue, welcoming both established and emerging artists. It's safe to say that in the Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhoods, entertainment is just around the corner.


For those who appreciate cinematic art, the Mill Valley Film Festival, held annually, has earned a reputation as a significant cultural event in the Bay Area. Film enthusiasts can catch a wide range of international and independent films during this event.



School Information

Families in Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhoods have access to an outstanding selection of educational institutions, making it a family-friendly community. Mill Valley is served by the Mill Valley School District, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence.


Among the public elementary schools, Edna Maguire Elementary and Park Elementary, are highly rated options. Middle school students attend Mill Valley Middle School, while high school students may opt for Tamalpais High School or Redwood High School, both offers a range of advanced placement courses and extracurricular activities.


Additionally, there are private and parochial school options available in in the area, such as St. Hilary School and Marin Country Day, providing alternative educational choices to meet the diverse needs of students and families in the area.



Real Estate in Boyle Park / Scott Highlands

Now, let's delve into the heart of the matter: real estate in Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhoods. This picturesque neighborhoods is home to a diverse range of housing options, from charming cottages to luxury modern homes. The architecture is a blend of classic styles and contemporary designs, reflecting the neighborhood's rich history and modern sensibilities. While I can't describe Boyle Park as a "hidden gem," I can certainly highlight its unique character and real estate offerings.



Housing Styles

The style of homes in Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhoods vary, but many homes are characterized by their traditional architectural features and natural wood accents. Some of the most common architectural styles in Boyle Park include Craftsman, Cape Cod, and Tudor.

Homes in Boyle Park / Scott Highlands typically range in size from 1,500 to 4,000 square feet. The median home price in Boyle Park / Scott Highlands is approximately $2.5 million, but prices do varies widely.

Boyle Park / Scott Highlands housing landscape showcases the character of Mill Valley. You'll find a mix of architectural styles, including:


Craftsman: Charming Craftsman-style homes, featuring rich woodwork, period details, and inviting front porches, are scattered throughout the neighborhood.


Early Century: Traditional turn-of-the-century homes or early 30’s homes are common, however many have gone through extensive renovation and expansion.


Contemporary: For those who desire a more modern lifestyle, contemporary homes with clean lines and cutting-edge design elements are available.


Cape Cod: Classic Cape Cod style homes, complete with timeless elegance, can also be found.




The Boyle Park / Scott Highlands real estate market offers a range of options to suit different budgets. While pricing can vary based on the size, condition, and location of the property.


Single-family homes in Boyle Park / Scott Highlands typically range from $1.5 million to $3.5 million, with luxurious properties commanding higher prices.  Luxury estates can be found in the higher price range, with some properties exceeding $5 million.


It's essential to work with an experienced real estate professional who can provide a more accurate and up-to-date assessment of the market. Boyle Park's real estate market is dynamic, and understanding the intricacies of each property is crucial to finding your dream home.




Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhoods in Mill Valley, California, is more than just a neighborhood; it's a way of life. Offering an unbeatable combination of natural beauty, excellent schools, entertainment options, and beautiful real estate, it's a place where residents truly get to live their Northern California dream.


In the Boyle Park / Scott Highlands neighborhood, you're not just buying a home; you're becoming a part of a community that genuinely cares about one another and their shared environment.



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