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Marin Real Estate: A Comprehensive Overview

Market Trends and Statistics – Year End 2023

This is the 2023 Marin Real Estate year end market report.

Marin’s Counties real estate market showed a notable change this past year with decreases of homes and condo sales, peaking in 2021.

In 2023 there was an overall decrease in total housing inventory for sale for residential homes and condos. New listings dropping by 20.3% compared to 2022, with only 2,271 new listings for 2023, compared to 2,848 the year before.

The market has demonstrated a level of softening during this unprecedented time of interest rate hikes, with a median sales price of $1,395,000, a 7.9% decrease from the previous year, and an average sales price of $1,744,000, down 7.5%.



Buyer and Seller Dynamics

Along with a decrease in overall sales, the Marin’s real estate market is trying to recover from the interest rate hikes of 2023 and the FED pivot that started in March 2022, evidenced by an increase in median days on the market at 36 days, and increase of 33.3% from this point last year.



Economic Factors

Marin's real estate market is buoyed by a thriving job market of San Francisco, known as a financial center and for its booming tech sector.  I believe the next generation of AI technology creation will be in San Francisco. Helping to create more demand for housing will inevitably lead to Marin.

During the pandemic, many people relocated out of San Francisco, however I believe that trend has normalized. That the greatest impacts of the Marin real estate market of this past year have been primarily based on accelerated interest rate hikes and economic predictions of what may or may not materialize.




Moving forward, I believe corporations will slowly do away with the work from home philosophy, making it a requirement for people to get back into the office, leading to greater interest in moving back to the city. Thus, creating a more traditional demand to accommodate growing families in Marin County.

Additionally, Marin's fantastic communities, rich cultural scene, outdoor lifestyle, our educational institutions, and family-friendly environment will always be in demand.

Marin’s real estate market in 2023 was marked by market forces that impacted everyone. However, our local Marin real estate market will always be a resilient combination of economic growth and higher quality of life. That does come with a price, but it’s worth it.  


Explore Marin County Real Estate: Your Gateway to Coastal California Living

If you're in search of your dream home or contemplating a move to Marin County, California, you've come to the right place. As a dedicated real estate broker specializing in Marin County, I'm excited to guide you through the stunning communities of Sausalito, Tiburon, Mill Valley, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Kentfield, Ross, San Anselmo, Fairfax, Greenbrae, and San Rafael. Join me on this journey to discover the quintessential California lifestyle and why Marin County is an unbeatable choice for homebuyers and families.



Marin County: Where Coastal Charm Meets Natural Beauty

Marin County, nestled in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, is a haven of coastal charm and breathtaking landscapes. With its captivating towns, top-rated schools, thriving community spirit, and an abundance of outdoor activities, Marin County boasts the perfect blend of tranquility and excitement. Let's dive into what makes this region an exceptional place to call home.



Dive into Marin County Communities

Sausalito: Waterside Elegance

Discover the allure of Sausalito, a picturesque coastal town where waterfront living takes center stage. If you're searching for Sausalito real estate, you'll find a range of options, from charming condos to luxurious waterfront homes. Enjoy panoramic views of the Bay, fine dining, and the unique artistic community that defines Sausalito's character.


Unlock your dreams with Sausalito homes for sale and waterfront properties in Sausalito.



Tiburon: Nautical Paradise

Embrace the nautical paradise of Tiburon, an enchanting coastal town with a rich maritime heritage. Tiburon real estate offers a mix of waterfront residences and hillside retreats. Explore yacht clubs, Main Street's charm, and the stellar school district that make Tiburon a family favorite.


Discover your slice of paradise with Tiburon homes for sale and waterfront homes in Tiburon.


Mill Valley: Redwoods and Culture

Mill Valley beckons with its enchanting redwood forests, artistic ambiance, and desirable homes. Mill Valley real estate caters to various tastes, from cozy cottages to modern estates. Explore hiking trails in Muir Woods, relish the vibrant downtown, and cherish the top-rated schools that attract families.

Find your sanctuary with Mill Valley homes for sale and family-friendly neighborhoods in Mill Valley.


Corte Madera: Shopping and Serenity

For those seeking a balance of shopping and nature, Corte Madera is the answer. Corte Madera real estate includes homes in welcoming communities near the upscale Village at Corte Madera. Enjoy proximity to Mount Tamalpais State Park, family-friendly neighborhoods, and excellent schools.


Discover the perfect blend with Corte Madera homes for sale and family-friendly communities in Corte Madera.


Larkspur: Historic Elegance

Experience historic elegance in Larkspur, where Victorian-era architecture graces tree-lined streets. Larkspur real estate offers a glimpse into the past with historic homes. Dive into the local arts scene, relish the small-town charm, and immerse yourself in Marin County's natural beauty.


Step back in time with Larkspur homes for sale and historic homes in Larkspur.


Kentfield: Tranquil Luxury

Kentfield is synonymous with tranquility and luxury. The exclusive Kent Woodlands area boasts lavish properties and serene surroundings. Explore Kentfield real estate for your dream home amidst lush landscapes and a private, tight-knit community.


Indulge in luxury with Kentfield real estate and Kent Woodlands properties.


Ross: Prestige and Elegance

Ross exudes prestige and elegance, attracting those in search of grandeur. Ross real estate showcases stately mansions, tree-lined avenues, and a strong sense of community. Enroll your children in the prestigious Ross School District and enjoy the epitome of upscale living.


Elevate your lifestyle with Ross homes for sale and prestigious properties in Ross.


San Anselmo: Artistic Haven

San Anselmo is a haven for art enthusiasts, boasting art galleries and boutique shops. San Anselmo real estate offers a range of homes in an artsy atmosphere. Explore the downtown's vibrant culture and take advantage of the excellent schools that make this town a top choice for families.

Immerse yourself in creativity with San Anselmo homes for sale and artsy communities in San Anselmo.


Fairfax: Bohemian Vibes

Fairfax exudes bohemian vibes and a laid-back atmosphere. Fairfax real estate features homes in a nature-loving community. Enjoy live music, eclectic shops, and easy access to Mount Tamalpais, creating a relaxed, outdoor-focused lifestyle.

Embrace the bohemian spirit with Fairfax homes for sale and nature-loving communities in Fairfax.


Greenbrae: Convenient Living

Greenbrae offers the epitome of convenience while maintaining a tranquil ambiance. Greenbrae real estate includes properties near Marin General Hospital and shopping centers. Experience practical, suburban living with easy access to amenities and excellent schools.


Make convenience your lifestyle with Greenbrae homes for sale and convenient living in Greenbrae.


San Rafael: Diverse and Dynamic

San Rafael, the county seat, is diverse and dynamic, offering a range of housing options. San Rafael real estate appeals to those seeking a bustling cityscape. Explore the downtown's cultural attractions, Dominican University, and the diverse neighborhoods that make this city a vibrant choice.


Dive into diversity with San Rafael homes for sale and diverse neighborhoods in San Rafael.


Novato:  an enclave of scenic tranquility

Novato real estate showcases a diverse array of homes, from spacious suburban residences to countryside retreats. Enjoy the serene landscapes, hiking and biking trails, and a strong sense of community that defines Novato living.


Discover the tranquility of Novato with Novato homes for sale and scenic Novato properties.


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