How do you evaluate a TIC’s – Tenant in Common

My view and experience shows that people will buy into a TIC’s, just like other types of primary residences, they fall in love with the unit and the location, then will consider the TIC aspect of it. I find that we need to do a lot more due diligence when it comes to TIC’s, we need to ask about the other owners, how they work together, any deferred maintenance and how its being addressed, how is the leader of the TIC group or is there one. Most of the loan on TIC’s at this point or fractional loans, however sometimes there are group loans on buildings, so that is another aspect that would need to be discussed. Is the TIC eligible for a condo conversion? What is the budget and bank account value of the TIC? In my history of selling in SF, I’ve only had one client who was not happy in the TIC but that same individual made the right decision and ended up making a lot of money on the unit, it was clearly well worth his time for some short term frustration. Short answer, I view every TIC on its own merits.

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