What Condo Community Would you Suggest?

When your buyer asks you about a certain condo community, what do you say?

Are you looking for views? Down in South Beach I would start with One Rincon and The Harrison. Those two complexes are known for outstanding views. If in neighborhoods then some of the best views can be had from Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, then in various areas surrounding Twin Peaks.

Are you looking for an amenity rich building? The newer complexes will always have some level of amenity package. The most comprehensive will be in the luxury complexes in South Beach, more notably Lumina, Millennium, Infinity, The Harrison, One Rincon and many others.

When people ask about South Beach? In my opinion there is a big difference between north and south of the Bay Bridge. On the north side you find buildings such as Lumina, Infinity, One Hawthorne, The Blu, The Harrison, One Rincon and a few others. There is much more hustle and bustle on the north side of the bridge, more people and more congestion. However, it is very popular and amazingly close to the Financial District and tech jobs found in the area.

South of the Bay Bridge, is much more quiet. There is a little pocket that is boarded by 2nd St., Bryant and Embarcadero, there you will find buildings like The Brannan, 200 Brannan and one of my favorite buildings the Oriental Warehouse. The pace of life on a typical day at this location is slow but with direct access to walks on Embarcadero, and close to work class sporting arenas and tech companies.

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