Inspection Reports for Every Real Estate Transaction in San Francisco and Marin

What Home Inspection Reports are standard in San Francisco and Marin? In the transaction of real estate in San Francisco and Marin we always have standard inspection reports with every, well almost every property transaction.

Pest Inspections: Lets face it if you have a wood structure you need to get the pest inspection. Sellers should always provide this in my options, simply from a disclosure point of view. The Pest Inspection Report will have a monetary amount associated with the damage inflicted by dry rot, fungus, termite, and beetle. If sellers do not provide this, then it can often become leverage in negotiation after the contract is ratified.

Home Inspections: Most sellers will include this in single family residences and older condos, not necessarily newer construction. Home Inspections in San Francisco and Marin will cover foundations up to the roof. It is a fact finding report describing systems such as plumbing and electrical; check of the appliances; structure, foundation and roofing description, etc.

Water Conservation / Fire and Carbon Monoxide Inspection: A standard requirement that low flow toilets, fire and carbon monoxide detectors are installed in the property.

Sewer Lateral Inspection: This is primarily for single family homes up in Marin. This doesn’t really apply to condo owners in the city, some times we get for homes but not often. Part of the reason is that up in Marin we have larger yards, more vegetation that can easily break the sewer pipe running from your home to the street.

Agents Visual Inspection: Every transaction requires that the agent give a competent visual inspection of the home, from foundation up, covering all visual items, defects that are noticed with the naked eye.
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